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The wingspan is about one inch. They are weak flyers and do not move far from the site of caterpillar feeding. Adults rarely fly to lights and are not active in lighted areas. Caterpillars feed on animal horns and woolen fabrics. 

Webbing Clothes Moth

Adult wingspan is about 1/3 inch, and the body is dark yellow to reddish brown. Wings are uniformly gray, without dark spots. Caterpillars are yellowish white.



Eggs are deposited singly or in batches of about 25 between threads on cloth surfaces. The female deposits 40 to 100 eggs in her lifetime. Hatching occurs in about seven days. Caterpillar development includes five to 45 stages (molts), and can last from 35 days to 2-112 years. Caterpillars make cocoons for pupation. Males live 13 to 79 days; females 10 to 48 days.



Clothes moth caterpillars feed on wool clothes, natural carpets, furs, stored wool, and piano felts. This clothes moth usually stays in the immediate area of the infestation. It tends to flutter about rather than fly in a direct, steady manner.