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Termite physical barrier system


Termite physical barrier system - 25 years manufacturer warranty

Build with Homeguard for total termite security from day one.

HomeGuard is your complete termite management system. Scientifically proven, it creates a physical and chemical barrier that will repel and kill subterranean termites.

Designed and manufactured specifically for the construction industry, HomeGuard is installed on the foundations of new buildings or extensions to provide a continuous barrier, which prevents concealed entry of subterranean termites into the building. The HomeGuard product range is manufactured in Australia from polymer based products and incorporates FMC’s leading liquid pest control chemical; Bifenthrin.

Code Mark Certified and backed by the FMC HomeGuard Million Dollar 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty;

HomeGuard is a no-nonsense, simple warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that have been protected by a HomeGuard termite barrier. In order to purchase a HomeGuard Warranty, your property needs to have been correctly installed with HomeGuard by an FMC  Accredited Pest Controller.

The FMC Million Dollar Warranty is designed to ensure residential and commercial property owners are receiving ongoing quality protection against termite infestation.

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