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Ways to protect your home from termites

  • Control moisture in your home. Termites thrive on moisture. e.g. improve ventilation in subfloor area to not allow moisture build up
  • Get rid of all wood debris in your garden including branches from trees lying on the ground. As it’s a great food source.
  • Remove old tree stumps, dead trees or roots in your property.
  • Use only termite resistant timber in your treated pine
  • Never place any wood source leaning against your home as u have basically given them a ladder to climb in.
  • Fix all water leaks in and out of your house. e.g. hot water and air conditioning down pipes plumbed away from the house
  • Remove heavy plant growth around your home as it provides the termites with moisture and excess as their mud tubes will be so much harder to view.
  • Where a house is located on a concrete slab on ground construction, Australian standards state that there should be at least a minimum of 75mm of Slab edge exposed including all weep holes
  • Avoid using mulch around your home as mulch provide water and wood source •
  • Never bury waste wood,branches,cardboard around your property. It acts as a magnet to termites which will direct them later to your home.
  • Ensure all form work timber is removed after construction as in most cases they are simply buried under ground in your property. Which in time will attract termites to your property.
  • Dont grow trees near your house as when they grow large the root systems get under the concrete slab. Which than acts as a passage route for the termites to enter your house from under the slab.
  • Any termiticide liquid barrier that have been placed around your house will Now be breached and the system ineffective . Allow at least 30 meter distance or talk to your local horticulturist regarding which tree root system aren't so notorious growers.
  • Prune back any plants or bushes growing against the house wall.

Never disturb the termites if you have found them or suspect you have activity in your home Never try to eradicate the termites yourself. 

Please leave it to a trained termite inspector as usually what happens is the termites get disturbed and relocate immediately to a new section in your home. Which will make it so much harder for the inspector to locate them again. 

Redknight Termite Protection

If you find signs of termite activity inside your building, you have several options for professional protection from continued termite infestation and timber damage to the building.

  • Redknight qualified inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of your property and surroundings and provide a detailed written report to Australian Standard 3660 re areas inspected – evidence found of termite activity – high risk termite entry areas inaccessible to inspection – termite control options and limitations
  • We recommend a Chemical Soil Treatment around the perimeter and sub-floor of your building – to eradicate termites attempting to gain entry into the building and treat affected sites.
  • We recommend also installing Termite Baiting systems. Around your premises. This method relies heavily on the termites “finding” and consuming sufficient bait to destroy the colony.
  • Building Modification & Maintenance – termite risk reduction measures – may include improving subfloor ventilation – removal of timber in contact with the soil – improving inspection access areas
  • Subsequent Inspections to A.S.3660 is very essential we recommend at least a 3 to 6 months intervals initially where signs of termite activity has been recently treated.